Sunday, October 30, 2011

Turning 30!

Well, it happened. :) I turned 30 last Monday. I had a wonderful day...which included a vary rare nap! Yep! Both kids napped at the same time and I was able to get one in too! That was the best present they could have given me. The day started out with me taking the kids to breakfast at Chappy's. We've never done that but I thought it would be a fun little treat since we had to be at the doctors office that morning anyways. (AM had to get her flu shot) Then we came home, ate lunch and took our naps. That night we went to eat at Mikata. Yumm!!

Here are a few pictures we took after dinner that night. 

 Aunt Chasidi was able to come join us for dinner. The kids were SO excited to see her! 
AM talks about her all of the time. 

 I love this one! He is so happy these days. He loves to laugh and coo and 
show off those big beautiful eyes!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday afternoon we had a great time at the Dream Field Farms Pumpkin Patch near Union Springs. We met our friends, the Barber's, who 's little girl Addison is just a few weeks older than AM. They went to this one last year and from pictures it looked like there was more to do than the one we went to last year. They had so much to do. The only thing they didn't have that the other one did was horses. Oh well, we get to see those anyways. :)

When we first arrived, AM and Addison played in the corn pit. I wanted to get in too! It took AM a minute to warm up (imagine that!) but once she was in there she didn't want to get out. 

Love this little girl!

...and I LOVE those lashes!!

Getting ready to watch the pig race! It was hilarious!

Jason had a good 'ole time with Emily! He got so happy and made the cutest faces with her. 

After a short hay ride, it was time to search for a pumpkin or two. 

She found a perfect one just for her!

Sweet Addison brought one over to AM but she didn't want it. (How rude!!) 
They are so cute together.

I love how AM sat on the pumpkin all by herself. No one told her to, but it's so cute!

AM and Addison painting their pumpkins. AM only wanted blue. 

They had several bouncy houses. AM loved them! 

And there was a huge inflatable slide. If I hadn't had a dress on, I totally would have gone myself!

Look at sweet Addison reaching her hands out and calling AM to come down the slide!!!

Jason says: "Hey! I'm here too!!"

The girls painted pumpkins

Then it was time for some ice cream. Addison was so sweet to share with AM. I was so impressed with how well they both did with sharing. (Sharing is definitely something that we are working on around here so I was SUPER impressed) Not once did either of them say no, or mine...! They just had a great time and were so sweet to each other. 

We had a great time. I think we'll be going back to this one each year. It was an hour away, but worth it. And not to mention we got to see our friends. They live in Montgomery and we never get together. Hopefully we can work on that b/c they girls sure did have fun!

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Cookie Time

Somehow I have never baked cookies with AM. Not sure how this has happened, I guess b/c I never make they kind of cookies to cut out and decorate. So I decided to go the easy route and buy a bag of sugar cookie mix and let her have some fun. It was fun, she had a blast!

 Think she likes sprinkles?

We may have to do this more often b/c fortunately these cookies don't tempt me!

Stay tuned, we went to the pumpkin patch and have lots of pictures

Friday, October 14, 2011

Aunt Kate and the Farm

Last Friday we spent the morning with "Aunt" Kate at her farm. We love getting to spend time there. I can't wait for AM and Jason to learn to ride horses out there one day. 

Going to say hey to Clipper (the horse) and JJ (the donkey) 

Going to feed the horses with Aunt Kate

This was Mollie's first visit to the farm. She was quite intrigued by the horses :)

Then JJ was doing her job and running Mollie off, pretty funny actually!

We love to spend time out there, and Mollie had a blast running around with her old friends, Kate's dogs. It was just what we all needed after the week we had just had. 

We are all doing better now by they way. Today would have been Beasley's birthday, and we can only remember all of the wonderful memories we made with him. 

Looking forward to going to the pumpkin patch with some friends on Sunday. Hopefully we will get some good pictures! Have a good weekend. War Eagle!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bubbles and a Check Up

We are loving the fall weather around here.  We are spending lots and lots of time outside. Much of this time is blowing bubbles. AM could not be happier when she is outside AND blowing bubbles with Mommy and Daddy.

"'mere Daddy" (Come here Daddy!)

Oh so excited running around the yard

Now she has Daddy running around with bubbles with her!


Pretty Mollie :)

We all love Mollie (this was "the day after" so we all, especially Mollie
 needed some extra loving. She totally knows.)

Obviously these final pics don't have anything to do with bubbles or outside, but that night AM just had to put her doll in the "kangaroo pouch"! She was so proud. 

Jason was in the said pouch at the time of the outside pictures which is why we don't have any of him. But here is one of him the other day at the doctor's office. By the way he was 10 lb 12 oz and 22.3 in long at his 2 month check up.