Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Big Boy!

Jason is such a big boy these days. He is so much fun and full of energy. He is officially through with the paci! I planned to do this right at 12 months but waited a few extra weeks since he was cutting his top teeth. Had I done this around 11 months I don't think he would have ever even noticed but once we came back from Aruba and settled back into "home" he was actually becoming attached to it. Yesterday I decided it was the day and it was amazing! He cried a little bit during his morning nap, not bad but he didn't just go right to sleep like usual. He did fall asleep though and then his afternoon nap and bedtime were tear free! I couldn't believe it! I knew it wouldn't be too too bad with him if I did it now which is why I did (he never had it unless he was going to sleep), but I still expected a little more resistance. So we are officially free from the paci before 14 months. Hopefully he won't revert back to needing it when his baby brother comes in about 6 weeks or so. Can you believe baby brother will be here so soon?! I can't!  (shoot, that's another post I need to do! I have 4D pictures to share)

Jason also got his first haircut this weekend. I didn't take before and after pictures but I can tell you that he needed it. I was the last one holding out. He did have a bit of a mullet, or as my dad would say, he looked like Terry Bradshaw. He really did. The hair on the back of his head was growing so fast but the hair on top and on the sides not so much. He looks so cute with his big boy cut!

This is the most recent picture I have of him...please ignore the pile of laundry in the background!!

I wish I had more pictures to share with you but we have been so busy between building a house, doctor appointments and everyday life. And let me tell you, this building a house thing is giving me a bit of an anxiety attack!  I'll have to do a post on the house progress soon. It's exciting but a bit overwhelming too. We are celebrating Jason's birthday over the weekend so I will be sure to take pictures.

Friday, September 7, 2012

All About Anne Morgan

Since I have not been very good about blogging for quite some time now I figured I would do a post on what Anne Morgan has been up to over the last few months. She is so much fun these days. She has the cutest little (actually quite big!) personality and keeps us laughing. You just never know what she is going to say. She can still be shy around new people and/or new things but once she is comfortable she is hysterical. This summer was full of first and here are some of them. 

Her very first movie in the theater. We went to a morning matinee with Allie and her mommy and brother. We were actually there early but the line was so long we didn't get into the movie until after it started and had to sit in the very front. We didn't last the whole time. I think if we had better seats and had been there from the beginning we would have stayed the whole time. They had fun nonetheless!

My little pirate! Playing at Grammie's.

And I am one proud mommy when it comes to the next several pictures. My little girl water skied this summer! Yep! She's always been athletic and I knew she could do it if she would try it, but getting her to try ANYTHING (food, activity, ANYTHING) is always "iffy" She can't feel like you are coaxing her to do it. Anyways, she watched her cousins on the ski trainer and we asked if she wanted to try and she said yes. I still didn't think she would actually try it but SHE DID! And she did great! She stood right up and stayed up until we finally just stopped. She was so proud and so was I! I always loved water skiing so I am super excited that she seems to have picked it up too! I can't even describe the feeling I had when she was out there. My heart was leaping out of my chest!

Ready to go!

I just liked these pictures...

My two girls

And tennis. I have always loved tennis too and she seems to already be into it as well. Even as a baby I remember that she would sit in front of the tv and watch it. She has been asking for a tennis racquet for a while and we finally got her one...along with a pretty cute little outfit too. :)

Then it was time for ballet! She has talked about ballet all summer knowing that she was going to be doing it with her best friends. Unfortunately she missed the first class b/c Mommy and Daddy were in Aruba and the next week we messed up by going to the bathroom when everyone walked into class. By the time she joined them she already felt left out so she had a complete meltdown. Later she felt bad that she missed out and couldn't wait to try again the next week. The next week was a total 180 from the previous week and she hasn't looked back. She LOVES it! I knew she would. This week when the door to her classroom opened she was the first one in there. She ran in before I could even stand up, turned around, blew me a kiss and said "bye mom!" I can't wait for her recitals!

Sneaking a picture through the window. You aren't supposed to peek but I couldn't help it!

Her first day of 3 year old preschool. She loves school but I was nervous how she would do getting started this year b/c it would be new teachers. Well she has done great and loves her class and teachers. She is going 3 mornings a week this year. I think she would love to go every day but mommy isn't ready for that yet. There is plenty of that in the future. 

This past weekend we took the kids to Atlanta Friday night to go to their first Braves game. We watch the Braves 5 nights a week at home. We don't miss a game. She has done the tomahawk chop for quite some time now but this time she got to do it live and in person! She and Jason had THE best time at the game. It was so fun but man was it hot and humid!

She got a tomahawk at the game and slept with it that night when we got home. :)

 We went back to Atlanta Saturday for the Auburn game. She has been to Auburn games before but as far as "firsts" go, this was her first time in the Georgia Dome. That's the only reason we all went...because it was indoors! Here she is with Gik going to get a treat...can you tell she was having fun?!

The only thing I wish I could show you on here is how precious and sweet she is with her little brother. She loves him so much and really is sweet to him the large majority of the time. She gets so excited when he wakes up from his nap or if we need to wake her up I have Jason do it b/c she gets so excited. They are precious together! I just love listening to her talk to him. It is adorable. She is excited about the new baby brother coming soon too. And by soon I mean within 10 weeks! Eek!

She is growing up so fast it is hard to keep up. She continues to amaze us each and every day. I cannot even begin to imagine life without her!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jason's One Year Stats

Jason is definitely a growing boy! He is no longer in the 25% like he started. He is even bigger than his sister was at a year and she was no small fry!

Weight: 26.6 lb (96%)
Height: 31.4 in  (90%)
Head: 19.5 in  (99%)
Weight for Height: 93%

This means that he is 2 lb heavier, and inch taller and his head is 1.5 inches bigger than she was, hehe. Though their percentages are probably the same b/c of boy vs girl.

"Put me in, coach!"

Brother and Sister having an absolute BLAST at their first Braves game Friday night!

Loving the Braves game

Fun before the first Auburn game of the year, despite cutting a tooth on the way to Atlanta! 
(he now has 4 teeth)

Just a random picture of him playing with his blocks. He loves his blocks!

He is the happiest little guy I know...unless he sees food and doesn't have any himself. He is going to give me a heart attack with his climbing ways. If you think he can climb on it, he will. If you think that he can't, he probably still will. He is crazy!! I love it but it is exhausting!