Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Catching Up With Some Big News

So I've been meaning to do this post for quite some time but we have been extremely busy. I will make it short and sweet...

we have a little bundle of joy on the way in November! Yep! It was quite a surprise to all of us but we are so overwhelmed with excitement. I struggled for a while about posting on it b/c I really wanted to sit down and record all of my emotions at the time but never had the time. Now that it has definitely sunk in there is not so much guilt or fear but just overwhelming excitement and feeling blessed. The Howell house is definitely going to be wild and crazy with 3 kids age 3 and under but I already cannot imagine it any other way. With a new child came the obstacle of figuring out where everyone would sleep and play. We were already filling up our house and decided that when a great opportunity came up we would take it...we bought a lot and are building a house! While that sounds super exciting (and it is) the timing was rough. Trey, as the architect, was smack dab in the middle of a huge project at work and did not have time to even think about designing a house for us. He was working ridiculously long hours and we were excited if we could even see him. The project is over, the house is designed-and beautiful if I may say so myself- and we hope to break ground next week. Last week we moved out of our house and into my parents house for the summer. All of our stuff (at least what we could fit!) is in storage. We will be moving back to Auburn in August when AM goes back to school. We will have a rental house until the new house is complete. Needless to say there has been a LOT going on. Oh, and don't forget a pregnancy in the midst, haha!! We will definitely not be in the new house when the baby is born and I am ok with that, there isn't anything we can do about it, but knowing that it is in the process will help. The kids are loving living at Grammie and Pop's and so are we. It is so nice to have extra hands and Trey loves being able to fish after work some nights. Now that we are finished with moving our stuff we can enjoy being here for a little while. We didn't turn over the keys until Thursday so much of last week we were still busy going back to Auburn to finish up. We were so fortunate to have some friends moving to Auburn who needed a place to rent so it was a God-send.

And on top of all of the craziness going on we found out yesterday that our little surprise is a baby BOY! I have never been right guessing the sex of a baby-mine or anyone else's but I was so sure this was a girl this time. Nope, another little boy and we are so excited. Anne Morgan will remain our little princess and Jason and his little brother can be the best of friends. They will be 15 months apart. Now the name search has begun. I was sure it was a girl and while we weren't 100% on a girl name we were pretty sure so we really have to start from scratch now! We are so blessed that God has chosen to expand our family. We always said we wanted a fall baby but our first two were late summer so I guess HE knew all along we'd have that fall baby!!

I'm sorry this is a bit of a run-on post and there aren't any pictures, but I couldn't put it off any longer! And I really have been meaning to do a better post for this but as you can tell blogging has not been at the top of my list lately. Now that we are up to speed hopefully I can do a better job of updating on here. Look for some pictures this weekend or next week. AM and I have a girls beach trip planned and are leaving tomorrow and we could not be more excited!