Monday, February 21, 2011

Hodge Podge & a Lot of Firsts

Sorry for no posts after Monday last week. We were too busy enjoying the beautiful weather outside. We did have time for a few first though. And I will apologize now for the length of this post and the randomness. The little one does not give me much of an opportunity to spend time with the computer so I have to add as much as I can when I can.

I never intended to convert her crib to the toddler stage. I figured I'd go from the crib to the full size bed. I was motivated to look into the rails to make the conversion and when I saw that they were out of stock, I had switched her over to a toddler bed before I even realized what had happened! I was afraid that when we moved her out of the crib that she wouldn't stay in bed and we'd have to lay down with her which is why I was going to make the jump straight to the full size bed. Once I realized that I had gotten carried away and switched her bed to this stage, I was so nervous. She has done GREAT though! She is SO PROUD of her bed and being able to climb in and out all by herself. Now my favorite time of the day is when she comes walking into our room in the morning carrying a few of her stuffed animals. She's not the only proud one at that point. :) I think we'll go on and move her up to the full size next week. I've ordered some bedding. I am so excited for her. Now we just have to work on nap time. That has been a bit more difficult, which I expected. I didn't expect her to go to bed so smoothly. Last night when I asked if she wanted to go nite-nite, she walked back into her room and shut the door! And that was only the 3rd or 4th night in the new bed.

We stopped by Grammie and Pop's and AM learned to drive her car.
I wish you could have all been there, it was hysterical!

And it was a first time for cheese dip too...let's just say it was a hit!

She LOVES going to the Auburn basketball games. She actually watches the games, cheers when everyone else does and loves watching Aubie (or Auburn as she calls him) and the cheerleaders.

Yesterday we went to our first baseball game of the season. It was such a beautiful day. She had a blast running around on the terrace. THEN she discovered the baseball players warming up in the bullpen. OH BOY. She was fascinated. Trey took some pictures with his phone and a video (which I don't have yet so I couldn't post it). She stared and stared. Then when they moved from the bullpen to the third base line she waved at them and said "hey!"

A rare picture with Mommy.

First time trying sweet tea

That's all for now. I know that was long and all over the place. There is a video we took of her going to bed the first night in her new bed that I'll try to add, it's from the video camera though so it's always more difficult to add and a much larger file. These pictures and videos are all from our iphones.

Anne Morgan is so funny these days. And oh so particular. I'll try to post some of her latest things and some more pictures soon. She is freaking out right now for me to get off of the computer. Have a great day! We're looking forward to some more sunshine later on.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Anne Morgan was excited to find her present this morning. She has a new horse and she LOVES her!

The pictures are from my phone so they aren't the most clear but it was hard to get good pictures. Once she picked her horse up, we told her to show it to Mommy and she brought it right to me and put it in my face so I couldn't get a good pic b/c it was too close. She was excited.

We are headed to the park after her nap to play with some friends and I can't wait to enjoy this beautiful weather.

I'll try to get some pictures but it will depend how much of a handful she'll be, haha!

I hope you are having a wonderful day. This is the 13th Valentine's Day for Trey and me and my 10th with Mollie! She was the best Valentine's Day gift EVER!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

AM's Dance Video

--update: Hopefully you can view the video now. I had it set to private and didn't realize it. You should be able to see it now but please let me know if you can't. Also, for some reason the right half is cut off but you can see all of the video, all that is missing is the black box on the right....

So I finally figured out a way to not only rotate the video but post it! I am so sad that we didn't get more of her moves on camera. For some reason I waited until it was almost over. I guess b/c we were enjoying it so much. I missed most of her best moves but I still got some for you to enjoy. :)

I'll try to catch her dancing again soon, you can't miss it! Problem is she usually stops when the camera comes out, much like she does at the beginning of this when she notices me recording her.

**Please notice towards the end when they say "tonight's gonna be a GOOD NIGHT" that she starts to head down the hall to her room. That's all you ever have to say, no matter what she's doing just say nite-nite or good night and she'll go straight to bed!

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Weekend at Home

We didn't do much this weekend other than relax and hang out at the house. Here are a few pictures.

I know you probably (ok, you don't) care to see this, but I made twice baked potatoes last night with our Super Bowl meal and I just had to take a picture of her miniature spud. For some reason, it was too cute to me!

Earlier in the day on Sunday I was up in the attic and found a box of clothes that my sister gave me for AM that I didn't even remember. I'm glad I saw it when I did b/c it is all of the clothes for her size now, particularly this spring and summer. There was soooo much in there. I wish I had taken pictures while AM and I were looking at everything b/c she went through every single item and commented on them. I felt like I had gone on a huge shopping spree. What a great surprise! Thanks Brittny! After we tried on several outfits, it was time to play with her hair. She doesn't cooperate with this very much but we couldn't resist.

Here is her first ponytail!

She looks like such a big girl!

Then it was time for pigtails, ha! I think she looks so much like me in this picture. At least pictures of me when I was little.

There is a video I've been trying to upload all day that won't load. I'll try again on a separate post. I've literally been trying for about 4-5 hours!