Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fabric Frustration

I know it's been a while, not much has happened. My mom and I have been going crazy searching for fabric for the crib. The problem is we have a "vision" of what we are looking for it is just a matter of finding that fabric in existence! I am trying to go back to the drawing board and think about something different. I see things that I like but then subconciously try to match them up with what I originally wanted, colors, etc. I think I am going to have to stop looking for a couple of days and then start over looking at bedding sets that are already made to get fresh ideas.

The crib has been ordered though! Thanks Mom and Dad. I can't wait for it to come in and have Trey put it together (even though we really don't have a great place for it right now!).

We are going to the beach this weekend and I couldn't be more excited. Growing up I never really cared too much about the beach, I mean I liked it but didn't get as excited as I do now. I am so excited about this weekend. The sad thing is that I just realized that this is probably the last weekend we will get down there before Anne Morgan arrives. That's what happens when you work most weekends and graduation and baby showers are happening between now and July. Needless to say, I will savor every second we have down there this weekend! Hopefully I will come back with a fresh start and fresh ideas.

*Beasley update: he is doing really well. He HATES the "cone" and the kennel now. Poor thing he can't really turn around in the kennel because the cone is so huge! I'll add a picture later when I get home. We get to take him on short, CONTROLLED walks now which helps. He has become so stir crazy, I would too! I can't wait for the rest of his wound to close up and heal and for him to be able to run around again! It is so hard to keep him calm all of the time.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Finally I have updated my scanner and here are the ultrasound pictures from a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy!! (looks like she is going to have her daddy's long legs and feet!)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Still here

It's been a little while since the last post. We've been pretty busy: taking care of a hurt dog, prenatal appointments, work and traveling out of town for a wedding. I just wanted to give an update and let you all know that Beasley is doing great. His cast came off sooner than expected and he seems to be doing really well. The incision has healed really nicely, however now that we don't have the cast on him anymore he HAS to wear "the cone." It is so sad to make him wear it, I think it bothers me even more than it bothers him. Can you imagine how annoying and uncomfortable that would be? 
We went to a wedding in Orange Beach (my first time ever to a beach in Alabama) this past weekend and unfortunately the weather was not what we hoped for. We still had a good time but I missed the pups dearly. I knew Mollie was having a good time-she was at the lake for several days at my parents house and had all of her cousins to play with. Beasley on the other hand had to stay kenneled at the vet, I felt so bad about that. I was so excited to pick him up this morning. 
That's about all I have for now, we're still here, just keeping busy and looking forward to a weekend beach trip in the next couple of weeks-and be able to take the dogs!! Hope everyone had a good weekend, maybe next time there will be more to talk about!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's a...

GIRL!!! We are so excited! Sorry it has taken so long to get this post up but our internet inconveniently stopped working today. (I am at a local hotel in the parking lot "stealing" their free wireless internet!) Hopefully Charter can get the internet back up and running when they come Saturday morning. 

Anyways, my mom and I were able to spend the day together today shopping for fabric, cribs and of course dresses! Here are a few pictures of ANNE MORGAN HOWELL's first clothes. 

This post is short and sweet, guess I should head home now. I just had to share with all of you the news from today! Hopefully the internet will be working at home soon. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Beasley got an A+ at the vet today! Dr. Welch said everything was healing beautifully. He got a new splint and they said he was so well behaved while they changed the dressing. (I had to leave him for the day while I went to work) He is finally starting to eat again and actually drank some water tonight when we got home. The problem that seems to be arising now is keeping him calm, he seems to think he should be able to do more than he should. He does not understand, nor does he like that he has to be in a crate when we aren't watching him. Fortunately I am off Wednesday and Thursday this week so he shouldn't have to spend much time in there the next two days. Speaking of Thursday, we have our 20 week ultrasound to find out if we are having a little boy or a little girl!! Stay tuned for an update on Thursday!

Don't forget about me!!