Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Suuuuuper Jason!

Trey and I have always called our little man "Super Jason" We would "fly" him through the room singing his own super hero tune ending with "Super Jason!!" I just about died when I found this little outfit back at Christmas. I had to order it, I couldn't help it! Funny thing is, he LOVES it! He loves the cape. He constantly checks to make sure it's still there and just hold on to the corner of it. It's nothing short of hilarious. 

"Super Jason likes sandwiches and cookies too!"

Monday, April 23, 2012

More pictures

Here are a few more pictures from Jason's dedication last week. My mother in law took some with her iPad....turned out pretty well, don't you think!

AM and her cousins were having fun playing hide-and-go-seek and running around which added to the craziness and therefore the lack of pictures with everyone. But Kim captured the moment pretty well I think. :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jason's Dedication

This past Sunday was Jason's dedication at our church. We had a lot of family there to celebrate the special day with us. It was a little chaotic after church with the kids all running around and Jason was sleepy (crying) so we did not get many pictures. I had really hoped to get plenty of pictures of the beautiful clothes Grammie made and of all of the family members who made the drive to Auburn but it just didn't work out. Here are the few that we did get. 

AM wasn't sure about being up on the stage, but she actually did better than I thought she would. Then she saw herself on the big screen and kept pointing herself out our "Anne Morgan's Jason!"

 I wish that you could see how beautiful her dress is. We are going to try to get some pictures of them at the lake sometime soon...before they outgrow them and I will definitely be sure to share. 

We love you Jason and are so proud to be your parents. 

Oh, and if you're wondering where the Easter pictures were we didn't take any. That was a crazy day and we didn't take pictures. We figured we would just get some at the dedication since the kids were wearing the same thing. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Randomness

We have been swamped around here lately with so much going on. I haven't taken many pictures lately but there are a few I can share. Last week was Spring Break for AM. It was an awful week. Everyone in the house except for Mommy was sick. I am still trying to recover, but thankful that I stayed well. It is nice to be back in a routine this week. Jason is keeping me busy for sure. He has been crawling for about a month now and already thinks that he can walk...or at least tries. If you are holding him and want to sit him down, he stiffens up and refuses to sit, he wants to stand. Problem is he can't quite stand on his own yet! He pulls up on EVERYTHING and is even trying to figure out how to get from one object standing over to another without going to the ground. By the way, he turned 8 months on Monday. Time is flying! He is such a sweet happy boy. We love him so much. AM is at such a fun age too. She is growing up fast too. She still loves school so much and all of her friends. She loves her gymnastics class to, though little does she know that we are finished with it. They aren't allowing the younger siblings to tag along with the parents anymore and that was the only way we were able to do it. We weren't going to do it this summer anyways so we didn't have to stop but about a month early. AM and Jason love each other so much. I just love watching him stare at her and try to copy what she is doing. You can tell that he thinks she hung the moon. She loves him too, though she does get upset with him sometimes. But who doesn't she get upset with, she's 2 1/2! :) Has this been enough of a run on paragraph for you yet? Well it has for me so here are some pictures. 

AM reading her Bible to her puppies. She had to call us in her room this night to turn on a light so that they could see. She said they were upset b/c they couldn't see her reading the Bible. :)

Jason with Gran and PePaw (AM has just named him this!) when they came for an afternoon 
visit a few weeks back. 

What did we do before we had a life size Minnie Mouse? I'm not really sure, but she is such a HUGE part of our life these days. And do you see her puppies lined up on the couch watching a movie with her? She has told us that she wants to have a puppy party for her birthday.

Jammin' out singing and playing her piano

This boy LOVES to eat! If he had his way, he would forget the bottle altogether and just eat real food. Though he won't drink out of a sippy cup so I'm not sure where he would get his hydration. Here he is this morning chowing down on some grits and scrambled eggs. He cleaned it out! The past few days he has gotten to the point where he does not want to be fed, he wants to do it! If you remember, this is hard for me b/c I HATE FOOD MESSES! Can't stand it! Though I do realize that they have to start somewhere.