Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jason Turns One!

Several weeks ago we celebrated Jason's first birthday! As I briefly told you before we have been in quite the whirlwind over the summer and then Trey and I wrapped up the summer last week with a vacation in Aruba. Needless to say I have not had a chance to post on our sweet little man's big day. Heck, we still have to get together with grandparents to celebrate! We have just been THAT busy. 

Jason is the sweetest, happiest little boy I've ever known...and I've known some precious ones! He adores his big sister and wants to do EVERYTHING that she does. He is such a big boy...stats coming soon. He doesn't have his checkup for another week. I can tell you that he is a big boy though, and that goes for what he is capable as well as his size. This boy can eat! It is hilarious to watch him when it's time; he eats more than some adults do! He loves to cuddle and blow kisses. He loves to give ME kisses and already has a sense of humor too. When you tell him to give Daddy a kiss he leans to me and kisses me and then laughs! Of course I love it :)  He does not speak much but even just the last few weeks you can tell he is trying to say more. He will say Dada, Mama (not very often), Dora (oh how he LOOOOOVES Dora!), dog and thank you. He has been walking for months now and is now practically running. Finally he is finished with the bottle and only on sippy cups. I didn't know if this was ever going to happen for him. His sister had no trouble whatsoever throwing the bottle away one day and only having cups but he has been much more challenging. He does still have a pacifier but only uses it in the bed and sometimes when he sleeps in the car. We have been all over the place that I hated to get rid of it before now simply because of all of the changes. I figure I'll let him get adjusted to being home for a couple of weeks (we just got home today) and then we will chunk it. Plus I think he is finally getting more teeth so hopefully the paci will help for that too. But then again we have been thinking that he is getting teeth for a long time now. He still only has two and they have taken forever to really come in. He loves playing ball of any, football, tennis, baseball. I think we definitely have a little athlete on our hands. 

We love you so much Jason. You have brought so much happiness to our lives and everyone around. I hope you never lose your joyfulness and that "light up the room" smile that you have. 

He got his very own truck for his birthday.

He loves it!

Thanks to his sister, not even 5 minutes after waking up and seeing the truck, the toolbox was already in the back of the truck. Hilarious!! 


Birthday pancakes for breakfast. I think he was a little miffed that he couldn't just dig in right away. When this boy is hungry you better give him some food!

He loves playing with the golf balls in Daddy's golf bag.

"Can't I please just dig in?!"

"That's more like it!"

 After pizza and cupcakes it was time for a drive in movie :)

Brother and Sister love each other...and the truck!

Happy Birthday (again) Jason! 

We still have more celebrating to do!