Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quick Checkup

We had a visit to the pediatrician today for AM's 18 month check up. I just wanted to record this while it was on my mind since I'm not the best at remembering to write these things down right away in her book. It was an abnormal visit. It was supposed to just be her well visit check up but unfortunately last night AM caught the stomach bug that her daddy and I have been recovering from. It was awful. The virus was so bad that I had to go to the ER Saturday night to get IV fluids for dehydration. While we were there Trey got sick. Keep in mind that this is late Saturday night so we had to wake her up to take her to the hospital with us. She was a trooper, of course. We thought we were going to be in the clear as far as AM was concerned but at 9pm last night she threw up. For the first time. Bless her little heart, she threw up every 20 minutes for a couple of hours. This morning the diarrhea hit. So needless to say she didn't get her shots this morning that she was supposed to get. We'll go back on Monday for those. She has been quite the trooper though and it seems that her virus may not last as long as ours has. Thank you God! It is terrible to watch your child get sick. This was a first for us and I hope we don't have to experience it again for a long time. Of course I'd really like to never go through it again but I know that won't be the case.

She has lost a couple of pounds needless to say. She was 28.5 lbs (92%) and 33 in tall (90%) and her head's circumference was 18 in (75%).

Hopefully we can all get caught up on rest tonight. After the long trip and then this horrible virus, we are exhausted! I hope all of you are staying well.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Day of Firsts

On Saturday we took AM to have her very first haircut. I was so afraid that she was going to completely spaz out, especially since she already wasn't happy in the car on the way. Surprisingly, she did pretty well. She didn't have to behave for long, we were in and out in 5 minutes, seriously- 5 minutes. The girl didn't cut much off (I really can't even tell), I wish she had trimmed just a little bit more but not too much. After all, you want to get your money's worth, right? Funny thing is, Trey is the one who was pushing to go get her a trim and he was more satisfied with the outcome than I was. She really just evened it up since AM has one side of her hair that grows much faster than the other. She was so sweet though, we'll be going back to her for the next one and until I feel comfortable enough doing it myself. It was a fun experience.

Before the "BIG" cut, haha
AM had to sit in Daddy's lap, she didn't like the idea of sitting in the booster seat all by herself
Mmmmm...this sucker is yummy!
Checking her out, haha!
Doing pretty well with it

Ooooh, this is fun!
Anne Morgan had another first when we got home. She tinkled in the potty! I got SO excited. I surprised myself with how excited I got. We aren't necessarily potty training her but we did get her a potty to put in her bathroom so she could get used to it. Now if you mention the word potty, even just in passing when you don't think you have her attention, she runs to the bathroom and waits for you to put her on it. It's so cute! It will probably be a while before we officially start the process but it's fun to see how excited she is getting over it.

Then it was time to try on her new t-shirt. Needless to say, she's got some growing room but I have to say it's pretty cute!

Of course she's saying "warrrr hey!"

Friday, January 14, 2011

National Champs!

WARRRRRRRRRRRR EAGLE! HEY! Wow! What a game and what a year! We had a wonderful trip to Arizona, although it felt like we would never get home. We were supposed to be home Tuesday night but it didn't happen until this morning, Friday morning. Here are some pictures from our trip. For some reason we didn't take any pictures except for on gameday. But we did take over 600 that day! We are so incredibly proud of our Tigers!

Up close and personal with THE Heisman trophy! Some people stood in line to take their picture with it, I figured I'd just get one from a distance. The line was so long by that point.

We were ready!
We met up with some friends who now live in Seattle. They were so excited to be around Auburn people for several days since there really aren't any up there. Here are Trey and Conan in front of the stadium.
Me and Amy.

human Heisman
Under Armour was advertising and supporting AU everywhere! Funny thing is Nike didn't have one single ad or anything set up for Oregon.

The Auburn band marching through the fans in Glendale on their way to the stadium. We were able to see it from the hotel balcony!
The big group
Just one view of the mass of Auburn fans waiting for Tiger Walk...which never happened since the team arrived through a tunnel into the stadium. Oh well, it was awesome to see all of the Auburn fans!
Here we go! Walking into the stadium for the game.

Here come the Tigers!!!!!!!

Honorary Team Captain...Bo Jackson!
We were ALL IN! The fans in the background technically should be all green and gold, I am not exaggerating when I say that the Auburn family took up 75% of the stadium!! It was crazy!
Some idiot Oregon fan, sitting in the Auburn section, picking a fight with BRANDON JACOBS! What an idiot! Even if you don't know who he is (fyi, he plays for the NY Giants) he is WAY bigger than you dude. Of course he wouldn't actually do anything to you, but he could snap you in half with one hand if he wanted to. Once Brandon was interviewed by the camera and fans lined up to take pictures with him, this guy obviously felt like a complete idiot. He apologized and his friend he was sitting with made fun of him. hahahaha!!!
Brandon Jacobs and Brandon Cox
Brandon Jacobs and Kenny Irons
Aubie doing the Heisman/Cam Newton
Champs! Yes we look pretty rough, it was a exhausting!
National Champions!!!!!
Bart Eddins

my fave...Kodi Burns!!
Even Usher was there!
We had an amazing time and feel so incredibly blessed to have been there. We will certainly never forget it! We are going to enjoy this but I can't help but start thinking about next year. Of course, now it's time to focus on basketball. :) War Eagle everybody!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It's amazing to me how fast AM's hair is growing. Just take a look at a couple of these pictures. In just a few months her hair has grown SO much! If her bangs would grow just a little bit more we could go ahead and get her first haircut!

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