Wednesday, July 25, 2012

She's Three!

SO I thought I would have more time to blog while living at the lake this summer but it seems as though I have had even less. This has been one crazy busy summer! There is too much to catch up on but I would be terrible if I didn't share this post with you. It's hard to believe that Anne Morgan is THREE! She turned three about a week and a half ago and we just wrapped up birthday celebrations this past weekend. We weren't able to have an official friends birthday party this year-just too much going on and too hard to plan. We made up for it by doing plenty of special things the week of her birthday and beyond. 

I love this little girl so much. She is such a big girl and a fantastic big sister. She can be shy, sassy, a show off, dramatic, cuddly, stubborn and so much more all rolled into one adorable little girl. Here are some pictures from the day of her birthday as well as this past weekend. I didn't get pictures in between...typical me. 

The morning she woke up on her birthday she found balloons all over the floor of "her" room (remember we are living at my parents house)

For quite some time she has asked for a pink princess bike. I'm  not sure where she got that idea but that made it easy for us! Yes, Sophie has the same bike as you may have noticed, but she was asking for this before she knew that. Here she is turning the corner to see it for the first time...

Spending a few minutes with Pop before he left for work.

Sweet little brother enjoyed all of the balloons!

Grammie made Mickey and Minnie Mouse pancakes for breakfast. We all enjoyed them!

We were able to FaceTime with Sophie and Aunt B later in the morning and open her present from them while they watched. We are going to be doing lots of FaceTime together once they move to Guam!

Instead of going out to eat for her birthday, she wanted chicken fingers so we got dressed up for a delicious homemade dinner of chicken fingers, mashed potatoes and peas.  Here she is getting all dolled up for dinner.

"I'm Three!"

She had a special chair for dinner

Then it was time for cupcakes and presents!

I just like this picture so I thought I'd share :)

Best attempt at a family picture

Daddy turned 3-0 a few days later and AM was 3!

This big girl is a pro at riding her new bike!

Here is a picture of AM and her baby sporting their matching ballet outfits that she got at the birthday party I don't have any pictures from...

And this little guy turns ONE next week!! He had fun at the party on Sunday.

It was a joint affair for Daddy and Anne Morgan

Jason and Gran

Jason enjoys eating anything and everything that you put in front of him, but he especially loved the cookie cake and homemade ice cream!

And big sister taught Jason how to handle a big birthday filled with birthday presents.

We are moving again this weekend so I may not get around to posting again for a while but I do have some great pictures to share of AM SKIING and Jason will be one next week!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Girls Beach Trip

Last week AM and I headed to the beach with some friends, Allie and her mommy, Kelly. We had SO much fun! The girls were in hog heaven and I think us mommies had just as much fun too, if not more! It is awesome to watch your kids run and play and have the time of their lives. These two little girls got to know each other in school this year and are so much alike. They both light up when they see each other. We can't wait to move into our new house which will be right across the street from them. 

The girls couldn't wait to get in the sand and build sandcastles. When we first got there we knew they needed naps and amazingly we were successful at getting them to sleep. It really wasn't even that hard. Once they got up we headed over to The Back Porch where we knew they could play in the sand while we waited to eat. (We actually didn't have to wait so we told them to push us back a little bit so they could play.) They were sooooo excited. It was hard to get them to come upstairs to eat but we eventually did as we promised much more beach time following dinner and the next day.

Bright and early the first morning it was straight to sandcastles. AM had only been talking about building them with Allie for at least a week! These girls are hilarious. They LOVE each other but can also fuss when they both want the same thing. They are three year olds after all. And right back to being obsessed with each other again just like that. 

After plenty of beach time we headed to the pool for a little while before nap time. Here is my little fish!

Love these girls.

We headed to Baytowne the next night. The girls had fun running around and playing on the playground before supper. Aren't they cute ?!

After dinner Allie enjoyed her very FIRST ice cream cone! Yep! She doesn't like sweets and had never eaten ice cream but she gobbled it up this night so we had to take a picture. 

Typical AM, "Too loud my ears!"

My favorite picture of the whole trip! Wish we lugged our cameras out that night instead of relying on our phones. At least we got it though!

Winding down with a little "Bubble Guppies" before bed.
 They were more than exhausted and still so cute. 

Then it was time for one last swim before we had to head home. They had a blast jumping off the side together and swimming to the side. Just wanted to document this...PLEASE turn down the volume! The mommies are pretty loud!!

This will hopefully become an annual trip. We all had so much fun and were worn out. Thanks Kelly and Allie for coming with us. So much fun!