Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No News

We went this morning for the ultrasound. They weren't able to tell anything. I told my brother I had my fingers crossed but wasn't holding my breath (that we'd find out), good thing I didn't hold my breath. We did get to see the little one moving around quite a bit and had a good heartbeat. Guess we'll have to wait a bit longer to see what we're having. It was nice to get to see the little one at least!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Must Read


I just finished reading Josh Hamilton's autobiography Beyond Belief. Most of you are probably wondering who Josh Hamilton is (that is based on the assumption that most of the readers are female and probably aren't as weird about sports as I am). He is a baseball player for the Texas Rangers. He was originally drafted out of high school as the #1 pick and there were incredible achievements expected from him, mostly lofty goals he set for himself. He was a good kid who ended up getting wrapped up in drugs and alcohol and sending his life spiraling downward. Only by the grace of God is he back in baseball today...and doing extremely well. I highly recommend this book to anyone. Even if you don't really care about baseball, it is still a fantastic read.

I love biographies, I've never been one much for novels. This is one I couldn't put down. To be honest though I really don't remember the last book that I read other than my recent spike in interest of pregnancy related books. I am so glad I read this though. He is such an inspiration. I have a copy if any of you would like to read it or know someone who might. Guys would love it. It's a very easy book to read. It seems like he is just talking straight to you. Let me know if you want to borrow it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not much

Just checking in. I don't have much to talk about. I was going to post yesterday on all of my feelings regarding the inauguration, but I probably would have been typing for hours. I love the history of this country and the pomp and circumstance of such events. It is fascinating to me. It may not be what I hoped and prayed for but I fully support our new president. I am going to miss President Bush and the wonderful man that he is, as well as his wife but I know they are looking forward to a more private life. ANYWAYS....I wasn't going to even get started.

Everything is still going well with myself and baby Howell, or as my nephew says "baby towel". We still have several weeks before we can find out what we are having. However, a week from today I am going to a clinic here in town which is doing free ultrasounds to train their nurses; I will be 15 weeks when I go. That is a little early to find out but there is a chance! I know people who found out earlier than that. I am not counting on it but Trey is going to be there just in case! I am so ready to know. It's hard to believe that I am already 3 1/2 months into this thing though so I know it will continue to fly by. I have been so lucky and hope to continue to be!

I will update you after we go to the ultrasound. I never posted the pictures from the last one because I still haven't updated the software on my computer so I can scan again. I plan on doing it soon (I have to borrow the disc from a friend) so hopefully I can post the pictures we get next week. 

One more thing, Happy Birthday Sophie! Our sweet niece turns 1 today!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Too Bad

To all of you fellow preggos out there, I hope you weren't as excited as I was to know about the maternity line of clothes from Ann Taylor Loft. They had the cutest stuff, great for work. Most of their clothes were exactly like the regular lines but in maternity. Well, I would check their page almost daily to see the new spring line. I don't really need any of the winter clothes because by the time I really need maternity clothes it will be springtime. I noticed yesterday there was no longer a tab for maternity. I promptly emailed customer service to confirm my suspicion. They emailed me back today to say that they indeed have cancelled that line for now. With the economy going the way it is right now they thought this would be one area they could conserve. Oh well, I was really looking forward to their clothes. Guess I'll stick with Old Navy and Gap. I have ordered a couple of cute summer dresses from Old Navy already-and they are cheap too! Do any of you have any favorite places to shop for maternity apparel? Particularly work attire, thanks to my sister I have a good selection of casual clothes for the warmer months!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Mollie!

Today my precious Mollie turns 7! It is so hard to believe that seven years have gone by. She is a wonderful dog and when I say dog it seems to fall short of Mollie. My sister has always laughed about how Mollie rides in the car, well she rides like a person just like she does everything else! Mollie really thinks that she's a person. I could not ask for a better companion. She is so loving and so much fun. 
This Valentine's Day will actually mark our seven years together. Trey gave her to me that year for Valentine's Day so she could be my everlasting chocolate! He showed up at my door in Auburn at 12:01 am on the 14th. When I opened the door he pulled the tiny 3.5 lb chocolate morsel out of his jacket. I couldn't believe it! I even went and woke up  my roommate to show her...and she wasn't even a dog person. I could write an entire novel about all of the memories I have with her but I will leave you with some of the pictures of her through the years. We are going with her brother, Beasley, to one of their favorite places today-the walking trails at Shakespeare. Fortunately I have the day off so we can celebrate all day! I love you Mollie and look forward to the next seven years and introducing you to baby Howell, you will be so much fun with the little one.

Mollie's first picture- only two bricks wide! (notice the red ribbon Trey tied around her neck!)

Trey and I are obsessed with the back of their heads, so cute!
Mollie loves to swim in her Grandmommie's pool...she enjoys floating too

Mollie and Beasley at one of their favorite fields in Auburn
Mollie watching Jeff Francoeur at the Braves game
Another picture from the Braves game
Mollie loves kids, she had a thing for Christopher one summer

Family picture after our wedding
And last but not least, Mollie LOVES her stuffed animals. She has to have at least one wherever she goes. This one is Bobby the golden retriever.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Can't get enough...

Baked Cheetos! They are sooo good! In one day I've eaten half of the bag! And that is because I forced myself to stop.
Just thought I would get it off my chest, if this trend continues there is no telling how many bags I will consume by the time Baby Howell makes his or her appearance. Have a good weekend!