Saturday, November 21, 2009

10 more...

After I made the last post, I thought I would basically re-do it. Not that those things don't make me happy, in fact they probably make me the most happy, but it was kind of the easy way out. They were the obvious answers. I thought I would do it again with some sillier things that make me happy.

1. Fajitas- love 'em! I could eat them every day! I think Trey gets sick of them so I don't. :) add a margarita and they are even better!

2. Haircuts- I love the feeling of a fresh cut

3. Fresh flowers- speaking of a fresh cut, fresh flowers from the grocery store make me happy

4. Solid color long sleeved shirts- I'm not sure why, but they do. I wear one just about every day. Boring, I know. Comfortable, yes.

5. Monograms on baby clothes- need I say more?

6. Salad- I love salads, always have. I could alternate them with fajitas and be just fine!

7. Fresh out of the bathtub baby smell- once again, need I say more?

8. Gift certificates- it's like 2 gifts. You're excited when you get one and excited again when you get to use it!

9. Watching football- I get so excited when the season rolls around...and sad when it's over. I love football!

10. Coupons- gotta love 'em!

Now when you're tagged, try to avoid the obvious, it's fun!

Tag, I'm it!

My sister tagged me to name 10 things that make me happy. Here we go, in no particular order...

1. My family...I could list each of them individually but that's a short cut to 10 things so I'll lump them into one (at least my immediate family! :) ) Trey is an amazing husband, he's hard working and he loves us so much. I love watching him play with Anne Morgan. He certainly has a touch when it comes to putting her to sleep too. Anne Morgan is amazing in so many ways. She has blessed my life so much. I love watching her learn new things. Mollie and Beasley. They have added so much to my life over the years. They are always happy and there to cheer me up when I need it.

2. Living in Auburn, AL...there is so much to do in this town. Life is centered around the family and there are so many opportunities to get out and about with entertainment. Of course there are always the sporting events to go to, but there are also usually free activities to go to as well.

3. Blogs...yep! If it weren't for blogs I wouldn't be able to keep up with so many of you. I love looking at all of the pictures. I love seeing my nephews and my niece through their blogs, if I didn't get to see them on the computer it would be crazy how much they would have changed before I got to see them again. At least I can feel like I see them grow up on here. Also, I have been able to reconnect with people I haven't seen or talked to in years. So much fun! What did we do before blogs?

4. Long walks...I love walking. Soon Beasley will be back to full speed and they will be normal again. It just doesn't seem the same without him. Still, I love to load up the stroller, grab the leash and now, only sometimes, the headphones and just go. It feels so good to stretch my legs and I love to be outside. If it's sunny outside, you can forget housework getting done!

5. How close I've become with my parents...something happens when you become a parent, you get closer to your own parents. Now hardly a day goes by that I don't talk to my mom, sometimes several times a day. We used to go a lot longer between talks and/or visits. Of course it's easier now that I have been blessed enough to stay at home with my little angel.

6. My in-laws...I have the best! They are all so welcoming and make me feel like part of the family. They are family. Trey and I have been together for 11 years now. That makes me happy too. :)

7. Lake Martin...I love it! I love that my parents live there now too. I have so many memories of our summers at the lake. I love it year-round though. Once Beasley gets back to 100% we will be able to go and enjoy it more often. I can't wait to teach Anne Morgan to ski. I know I loved it growing up, I haven't done it in years but would still love to.

8. The Beach...I wasn't ever much of a beach person growing up but as I've gotten older I love it. It is so peaceful but exciting at the same time. It's always so hard to leave when we do get to go.

9. Tennis...I played tennis growing up. I went MANY years without playing though and picked it up again about two years ago. Of course I haven't really played in a year though b/c I was pregnant and now that I have a little one it's not so easy to grab the bag and hit the court. We'll get back into it soon though. Trey and I love to go play together. I can't wait to teach Anne Morgan how to do that too.

10. The idea of sleeping through the hasn't happened since I was about 7 or 8 months pregnant. The handful of nights that AM has done it, I didn't. Hopefully she will get there soon. I can't wait to roll over and look at the clock to realize I slept all night!

Of course these are just a few of the things that make me happy. There are so many more but I was only asked to name 10. So now it's your turn, I tag...

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Amanda Owens
Becca Allgood
Lee Goodwyn
Jana Gwin
Sarah Plummer

Friday, November 20, 2009

Checkup, Cuddling and Cereal

I've been meaning to post Anne Morgan's stats from her checkup but we've been doing a lot of cuddling since her visit. She has not been feeling all. I haven't had much time to sit down by myself since Tuesday but that's ok, it's nice to cuddle with her too.

Her checkup went well, other than the shots. She was 13 lbs 12 oz (50%) and 25 1/8 in. long (75%). The doctor said she looks great and we can start her on rice and/or oatmeal cereal. We tried last night for the first time. She didn't hate it but she didn't gobble it up either. We probably should have waited until she was happier before we tried. She was still fussy so I don't really know what she thought. She was too upset to really try it.

Have a good weekend, it's supposed to be rainy around here. I guess we'll be busy moving furniture around anyways. We had our bedroom carpets replaced Tuesday and next week they will start with replacing our hardwood floors. Yes, it should be a little messy around here for a little while but when it's all said and done it will be like we have a new house!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Anne Morgan hasn't quite figured out that she can jump in this thing, but she likes to hang in it and spin around...and watch the dogs at their eye level. They like it too...

This is before Anne Morgan went to her very first Auburn game. It was a basketball game and we won! It was also the one year anniversary (maybe not the exact date) of the day we found out we were pregnant! We found out the night of the first basketball game/the night before the Auburn vs. Georgia football game so it was fun to take her to that game this year!!!
Good morning!
I've never seen a baby love a toy as much as she loves this mat! She gets so serious about each of the toys hanging on it and has recently started grabbing them with a death grip! Here she is reaching for two at one time, trying to turn the music on while hanging on to the rattle.
Before church in her beautiful dress
After church with Daddy
Love this one...
A family picture. I look pregnant but I'm not!!!! And it never fails that I forget to put lipstick on. I don't like this picture of me at all, I just like that we have a family picture.

Friday, November 13, 2009

4 Months Old!

Hi everyone,

This is Anne Morgan. I've been waiting to write a post for all of you and Mommy told me that I am finally ready, now that I'm 4 months old and all. I've had a busy 4 months and traveled a lot. It's a good thing I travel well because otherwise Mommy would have pulled all of her hair out! Here are a few facts about me:

1. I love my sister and my brother (Mollie and Beasley). I really have fun watching them, playing with them and have even started reaching out to pet them when I'm on my mat.
2. I started sleeping well from 6 weeks on but the past few weeks I haven't slept as well. Mommy thinks it's because I've been gone from home so much. I've done better the past couple of nights now that I've been back home.
3. I'm growing so fast. Mommy measured me last night and I was 25 inches, we think I am about 14 lbs. We'll find out for sure when I go to the doctor Tuesday.
4. Speaking of the doctor I have to get a bunch of shots when I go, I'm not very excited about that.
5. I've started rolling over a little bit. I can do it, I just don't choose to do it very much. Mommy really wants me to but I'm not really sure why.
6. I have finally moved up to size 2 diapers. Just this week my old diapers are getting too small.
7. I really like my bathtub. It's my favorite part of the day, I could stay in there forever if my parents would let me.
8. Last night was the first time I stayed with Daddy for longer than Mommy quickly running to Kroger, I think I wore him out. I love him so much though.
9. I really like to sleep on my tummy. This week I started playing in my crib on my back some though. My mobile is really cool to watch.
10. I love to laugh.
11. I love Auburn. I practice all of my cheers each night with my Daddy, he says I'm going to be an Auburn cheerleader one day.
12. I have the best cousins, I can't wait to see them this Thanksgiving. (the love me too!)
13. I've visited a couple of churches here in Auburn, we haven't joined one yet but we will soon so that I can be dedicated. Grammie is going to make my dress. I haven't been to a nursery yet.
14. I love watching tv. Especially football and my Praise Baby DVD.
15. I'm really strong.
16. I'm very expressive with my hands...VERY!
17. I started drinking formula in addition to nursing about two weeks ago.
18. I got my first Christmas ornament today.
19. I'm going to my first Auburn basketball game tonight!
20. I'm happy too! I'm really happy right now because it's Friday afternoon and that means my Daddy is going to come home in a little bit and be here for the whole weekend. I love spending time with him. Have a good weekend everyone. You'll be hearing from me again soon!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekend at the Beach

We had a fantastic weekend at the beach. The weather could not have been more perfect. I was so excited to finally get down there, we've tried several times but never seemed to have everything work out for us to get down there. It's so nice to have a place to go whenever we want...and for the four legged children to get to go too! Here are some {quite a few!} pictures...

Beasley found the right spot for some good ole R&R...
Anne Morgan loved hanging out with her Grandmommie {name to still be decided but that seems to be the one that is sticking right now!}
The infamous fists! She is so expressive with her hands whether they are fists or her hands spread out as if to say "I have a vision!" She'll do something with those hands one day and I can't wait to find out what that is.

The fists once again...
Finally we took some family pictures. Unfortunately it was so bright we couldn't take our sunglasses off.

First time to have sandy toes!

They love each other...

Wet sandy toes!

First time to touch the water