Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Videos in the Pool

Here are a couple of videos from the first morning at the pool. You can see how well she is swimming now! And actually, I stopped videoing too soon. She started really putting her face down in the water for a lot longer and swimming further before flipping over. The technique in the video is what she is supposed to be doing...then she surprised us and started swimming more! We couldn't believe it. I think that she was learning from watching the older kids swim in the pool.

I know I'm always telling you about how she is boy crazy. Well here is proof. She wouldn't stop jumping off the edge to us...that is until some boys came to the pool.

(sorry that my finger is in the picture here, I wasn't really paying attention b/c I was trying to hold it together watching her...watching them)

More Memorial Day...

Here are some more pictures from our trip. These are not in any particular order, it's combined pictures from the camera and from my phone so it's a little jumbled. And actually, the pictures from the last post are from Sunday, not Saturday. Not that it matters to those of you reading this. :)

Supermodel shot :)

Winding down for the evening with Mollie and a box of raisins.
Playing at Destin Commons...after buying some new shoes.

In case you didn't know, she is now officially the coolest kid around. She has chameleon crocs...they change colors in the sunlight. AND she has a Mickey jibbet. As far as she's concerned, there is NOTHING cooler. :) [we are 100% obsessed with Mickey right now...and now he goes with us everywhere]
Taking the dogs out to the bathroom and for a walk one evening.
And one of her favorite things...being tossed in the pool!

Memorial Day Beach Trip...Day 1

Here are some pictures from our trip to the beach over the weekend. These are from the first day. I'll come back later and add some more from the rest of the trip. We took tons of pictures so it's hard to sort through them and choose a few. As always, Anne Morgan was VERY entertaining!!

She was ready to go! And she insisted on carrying her own stuff!

You are coming aren't you?!!!

Why do you keep stopping? I'm ready to go!

We're here! And there is plenty of sand for me to eat!!

She thought it was hilarious to dump a scoop of stand into the bucket of water and let it splash! She did this over and over and they laughed every time! :)

Then she decided that baby HAD to go swimming too. Here is baby counting ONE...TWO...THREE and jumping the waves

Lots of sand was consumed. YUCK!
Getting buckets of water with Daddy
Whew! That's hard work!
We'll be back later. There are more pictures and a few videos to post. She did GREAT with her swimming, I'll have to update you on that too. I am so proud of her! We had a great weekend and it was a great way to officially kick off the summer. I hope you had a wonderful one too.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting Ready for Baby...

Yesterday we were putting some stuff up in the attic and decided to go ahead and get a few things down that we'll need when Jason arrives. The first was the swing. AM lit up when she saw it! She couldn't get her baby in it fast enough. I set it up in her room for the time being since she was having so much fun with it. Well, a little while after doing so, she was calling for me and I went to see what she was up to. SHE was in the swing! And loving it and so proud of herself! She is so funny these days.

Mommy is getting ready too. This pregnancy has been different than my first one. The main thing is the fact that I am carrying SO low. I feel like my belly is in my lap already and I'm only 29 weeks! I don't just feel like it, it is. With AM, she must have been much higher. I didn't have trouble getting off of the couch or off of a chair this soon. I did have more trouble breathing with her, I haven't noticed that one bit this time. I don't know where he is going to "drop" to when it's time! Clothes are not comfortable, not even maternity clothes. Nothing with any sort of a waist band is comfortable. I'm also very frustrated with the constant weight gain. I try to manage it, but this time around the weight just keeps coming. Granted, I'm craving food that's not so healthy, but I'm also working out a lot more than I did when I was pregnant last time. I'm sure that being at home this pregnancy has added to this issue since I can go into the pantry at any point in time as opposed to being at work. I'm just worried where I will be by the time I deliver!

Most of all, I'm just so ready to meet our little guy! We're finally making progress on his room. We still need to get a car seat since the one we had with AM went to consignment with her stroller. We'll have to get a different kind to work with the new double stroller. Once we've done that, we'll just have to wait! I'm sure with all of the fun and excitement of the summer, it will be here before we know it!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

4D Pictures!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of taking a sneak peek at our baby boy. 4D ultrasounds are so cool! Jason was a stubborn little booger though. He did NOT want to show us his precious little face. He just wanted to keep his hands in front of his face the whole time. The ultrasound tech was so patient and we kept on trying for quite a while. We were able to get a few shots of his face eventually. We got PLENTY of his hands and feet though, haha!

I just love that little nose in profile! I can't wait to kiss it!

The one below is a little freaky, but it's because his eyes are open.
You can see his face best in this picture though.

So there you go, a sneak peek. I guess he was just telling us that we are going to have to wait until August to get a good long look though!

We're making progress on the nursery...finally! I ordered fabric today and picked up the paint. I thought I had everything figured out until I went to order fabric last week and realized it was $48 per yard! Yikes! So I rethought the design and I think I'm going to really be happy with it. It shouldn't take long. I sent the glider fabric home with my mom yesterday. She'll be making that as well as the bumper pad. I'm reusing the skirt from AM's room with some alterations and I will be making the curtains and accent pillow. Once we finish I'll show you some pics!

Monday, May 9, 2011

MothER's Day 2011

Well you are probably wondering why the E and R in the title are capitalized, or you thought it was a typo. Wrong.

Mother's Day weekend started out great! AM and I went to Montgomery to see the Howell's and give her Aunt Chasidi a birthday present (she shared her bday with Mother's Day this year). We planned on spending the whole day swimming and grilling out. It started out that way. Unfortunately after lunch, Miss Priss had an accident. A total freak accident, it still doesn't really make sense that it was possible. We were all in the kitchen and playing with AM and all of a sudden she fell and hit her nose on the trash can. You wouldn't think anything of it, there aren't any sharp edges or anything on the trash can. Well Chasidi said "there's blood!" and then after she caught herself, AM started crying. We couldn't imagine how much blood there was. Poor thing, she sliced her nose open! I say sliced b/c that's exactly what it was, it looked like something sharp just sliced right through her nose. I immediately called my dad, Pop. He was working in the yard at the lake but said he would meet us at the ER in town. So we all (Gik, Grandaddy, Chasidi and Chelsi) loaded up and headed to the ER. It sure is nice having doctors in the family at times like this. I just knew she needed stitches. Sure enough, she has 4 stitches in her nose. It was so hard to see her in pain and not knowing what to do. My mom, Grammie, came to town with my dad so she and I went to the gift shop while he and 2 nurses (to hold her) to get away from the screaming. Grammie got her a balloon and one of the nurses gave her a teddy bear when we left.

I don't have any pictures from our time with them b/c I was counting on Chelsi to take pictures. Well, her camera was charging before lunch and then we had this bit of an emergency right as we finished up lunch. So we don't have any.

I must say, her nose is healing well and she has handled it in typical AM fashion...like a champ! She doesn't even really seem to notice it. It was hard to keep her hands away from her face at first but now it's much easier. I was already relieved when I walked in the room and Pop had her stitched up, it looked so much better cleaned up and closed up. And I was prepared to wake up yesterday to half of her face bruised but it actually looked better. So without further adieu, here she is.

I didn't take any pictures of it on Saturday, but these are from first thing Sunday morning. I was SOOOO pleased with how much better it looked. And let me tell you, she has not slowed down one bit! We are just going to have to find inside activities for this week since we won't be able to swim and they are showing 90 degrees every day this week.

I hope all of you mommies out there had a super special day. Ours was different than planned since we didn't get to go to church which I was really disappointed in. We just didn't know how she would do with her nose and didn't want to expose her to extra germs kids to play with. And we planned on swimming yesterday afternoon. Instead, I asked if we could go to the mexican restaurant and get fajitas so we did. After lunch Trey took AM home and I was treated to a pedicure, it was divine. When I got home, she was still napping so I crawled in bed with her and napped too! Then it was off to get some yogurt and run a few errands. It was a wonderful day. Ijust hope my little patient heals completely very soon.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Beach Trip

We had the pleasure of going to Destin this weekend. What a wonderful weekend it was. We had SO much fun and can't wait to go back. It was so fun to watch Anne Morgan enjoy every bit of it. She played so hard and swam, and swam, and swam...It was never enough. She is certainly a little water bug. Here are pictures from the weekend. At the end are 2 videos from the very first afternoon at the pool.

We had just arrived at the beach and it was time for her first swim with Mommy and Daddy. Daddy hasn't ever seen her swim, so he couldn't wait to see what she could do.
Right away she floated...
And then swam to the steps. She became obsessed with the steps.
The next afternoon was the first trip on the beach, mornings were spent at the pool. As you can see, she got a new pair of sunglasses Friday night. She was awfully proud of them. :)

She was pretty proud of her umbrella and chair too.

Uh oh...sand in the chair is no good. Gotta take care of that! :)

We had so much fun just watching her. She was hilarious. It was great to just sit back and see what she would do. You would think that she was a pro at this whole beach thing but she hasn't been since last April, and at that visit she couldn't even walk and just sat in the baby pool on the beach. She was a pro at people watching...and waving to the boys walking by. Seriously.

Mommy, can you hold these for a second?

She found the stick of sunscreen in the bag and had to put some on Daddy...

and then herself...
The water was pretty rough this weekend so we weren't sure whether or not to even take her to the water in the first place. Well we did, and the rest is history. Forget the sand! These waves are too much fun!!!!
Once she discovered the water there was no going back to playing in the sand.
These are 2 videos of her swimming the first afternoon. It was really interesting that the first day she wanted to float more than swim. Remember, this is the first time she has been in the water with us. (I took her a week before by myself and we didn't stay long, it was the first for Trey) Trey has never been to a swimming lesson so he didn't know what to expect. It seems that after she was comfortable in the water with us, the rest of the trip she just wanted to swim to the wall, to the steps, anywhere she could find, and didn't care to float. We didn't take video after the first pool trip so I can't show you her swimming towards the end. Needless to say, we were so impressed and proud of her. The other people swimming in the pool were impressed too and had to ask how old she was. This was one proud Mama. :) It was so funny to listen to them talking amongst themselves about her age and how well she was swimming. "She's not even as old as (insert name) and look at her swim!" I think all of the time and money we've spent with her lessons has really paid off. I know that we certainly feel comfortable and confident with her in the water. The sole purpose of her lessons is to teach her how to save herself should she fall in the water. As you can see, she definitely knows she is safe if she floats on her back and then she can catch her breath.

She liked to "cheat" and when she swam to the steps, she thought she could stand up sooner than she should. She always wanted to go to one step lower than she should. Often she would have to float on her back to figure out what to do. I'm glad she floats b/c she already likes to jump in! Whew!