Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Whole Lot of Randomness...

I had too many little things I have been wanting to share so I thought I'd lump it all into one post. Here you go, in no particular order

We finally got a grocery store right by our house. It's a Publix and we love it! Unfortunately they only have about 3 of these car carts, but when one is available it is heaven on earth. AM asks to go to Publix every day, she wants to drive. 
 You think Jason is proud to be sitting up in the cart next to his sister?

 She got a bike helmet and was OB-sessed with it for several days. She wore around the house no matter what she was doing. 

I think we have quite the little artist on our hands. Here is her Mickey Mouse. 
Another Mickey Mouse

 Do you see Minnie Mouse on the left with her bow? 
 Like his sister, Jason LOOOVES bath time!

AM's favorite thing to wear these days is a swim suit. She asks every single day if we can go swimming. And, as you can see, she likes her crown too. And in the case below, she decided she needed gloves too. 

Here she is "swimming in her own pool." We are quite obsessed with swimming these days. 
 And the duckie was jumping to her

My sweet little man waiting for his check up. He is on the move crawling these days and life has definitely changed in the Howell house!

We've taken several walks lately since it's been so mild outside, but I think that will have to be avoided for a while b/c of the pollen.

 A couple of nights ago, AM called for us after she had already gone to bed. She wanted us to crack her door so that she could have enough light to read her Bible to her puppies. She said they were sad b/c they couldn't see. :)

 A "puppy party" to watch Clifford. And Miss Priss had to sit in Minnie's lap, of course!

This past weekend we went to Fairhope to have Jason's pictures taken by the awesome Janel (Corliss) Gay. Here is a link to her blog where you can see a few of the shots...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spend the Night Party!

This past Friday night we had our very first spend the night party! The one and only Sophie came to spend the day and night with us and we loved every single second of it. I'm not really sure why we haven't done this yet (since they are so close this year), but I can't wait to do it again soon. Very soon.  

In case you haven't picked up on it yet, AM and Sophie are two peas in a pod. They are so much alike and absolutely adore each other. Oh the squeals and laughter and dancing and running was all so much fun! 

Grammie and Sophie came over Friday morning so that she could watch my two kids while I had somewhere to go. They played and played from what I heard. And I could tell when I got home just after lunch. AM was exhausted but still playing hard. I finally just asked her to go take a nap and she CRASHED. Sophie, Grammie and I watched Cinderella while she and Jason were asleep. Oh, and Sophie was dressed up as Cinderella. :)

We watched quite a few movies, they kept swapping clothes and shoes, played outside, ordered pizza, girls took a bath, and then they passed out. Sophie actually asked me at 5:30 if it was time to go to bed yet- I told you they play hard when they're together! I had her hold on as long as possible and put them to bed about 7:15. I kept them up that long so they could at least see Trey for a minute before going to bed. I had been worried that getting them to sleep was going to be a challenge b/c they get so excited around each other, but it was the easiest thing ever!

(these pictures may be a hodge podge, there are some from my phone and some from the camera and I'm not about to sort through them...if I did you wouldn't be getting a post :) )

After AM woke up, they set up shop in front of the television with a Disney movie marathon.

Sophie dressing AM...and AM actually cooperating!! Only for Sophie I guess.

Can't we just go on to be now?!!

Sophie wanted to sleep in AM's tent. She stayed in there all night. I had Jason's monitor set up in the girls' room and pointed at the tent. Y'all, she was out like a light in about 2 minutes. It was funny, once I shut the door, I rushed to the couch to sit down and watch the "show" on the monitor. They laughed for-maybe- a minute, then said good night and AM climbed in bed. About 10 minutes later I snuck in to take a picture and she was snoozing away. AM wasn't asleep yet but whispered to me to be quiet b/c Sophie was sleeping ;)

Right when they woke up Saturday morning they went straight for some juice and watched Mickey. 

Sophie also LOVES Jason, he loves her too.
 Silly girls!

 Sweet boy

After the girls shut me out of their room, they came out with all kinds of stuff and were "headed to Korea"!! (Sophie's dad is in Korea) They were hilarious. Apparently you can now walk to Korea in just a few short steps!! I wasn't allowed in Korea (the playroom) though. AM didn't even want me taking pictures.

Then it was time for another movie while waiting on Brittny and Christopher to come to Auburn to hang out before taking Princess Sophie home. 

This was so much fun and we can't wait to do it again. Sophie didn't want to leave and we didn't want her to. She had already spent two nights away though and her mommy and brother (I think, hehe) were ready for her to be home. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Fever!!

We sure do have spring fever around here. The weather today is gorgeous and all week looks like it will be too! With the time change coming up this weekend, I can't help but get even more excited.

With spring comes new spring clothes. I love shopping for new clothes in the spring especially. And now that I have 2 precious kiddos, it's even more fun. Have you heard of the adorable line of clothes for little ones called Chez Ami? Well, if you haven't you should check it out.  I know a lot of you around here have, there are several people I know that sell it, but from talking to others out of town some of you probably haven't heard of it.

Their clothes are such good quality and they hold up so well...and are easy to care for. Monogramming or embroidery is free too! Also, the clothes arrive SUPER fast! Last fall when I placed an order, I think I went to the party on Monday and the clothes were at my doorstep on Wednesday or Thursday. 

I am 100% obsessed with this jon jon. I definitely ordered this for Jason. 

Wouldn't these red white and blue pieces be perfect for the summer?

I hosted a party for the spring line last week and LOVE every piece in their spring catalog. They are so cute, especially in person. If you would like to order something, I can turn in an order for you through this Wednesday, March 7th. Just email me at

I'll have a post soon of our first spend the night party this past weekend!!! :)