Monday, August 31, 2009

Beasley Update

It was definitely a gunshot. Yep. Can you imagine? Someone shot Beasley in his chest and it came out of his armpit. We are so fortunate it wasn't one more inch to the middle or it would have hit his heart, apparently where they were aiming. He is at the orthopedic surgeon's now, the same one that just repaired his foot. She is going to take good care of him, we are sure of it. They will operate on him first thing tomorrow morning and update us then. They will place a pin in his shattered bone and then a plate around it. It is going to be a long hard recovery but we will take the best care of him possible. I told him that he was going to have a little "off season" surgery and rehab now that summer is over and he'll be back in action for next year. Thanks for all of the prayers and concern, he needs it!

Here he is in the car when we moved him to the surgeon's office. You can see where he was shot, it came out in his armpit.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Day at the Lake

"Like my shirt says, I'm happy to be on my way to the lake!"
"'Got my bikini on and ready to go swimming for the first time"
"Let's go Daddy!"

"It was a little bit cold but I really learned to like it."

"Now this is what I'm talking about!"
"This was not posed, they just really like hanging out with me!"
"After swimming it was time to take a nap with Daddy."
"Can we get these pictures over with and get on to dinner please?"

We had a great time, it was so relaxing...that is until this morning after we found Beasley. Hope you had a good weekend too!


When Trey and I got up this morning at the lake we found Beasley hiding behind a bush,BLEEDING and unable to get up. I had woken up around 6:30 this morning to let all of the dogs out and feed them. About 9:30 we got up and went outside to see what they were up to. Trey called all of them and everyone but Beasley came. At first he said "Beasley's gone, he must have run off!" I told him there was no way. There is too much fun for him around the house. They never run off anymore, years ago they would but they don't anymore. Eventually we found him on the side of the house. It was the saddest thing. Poor baby was right there the whole time we were calling for him but he couldn't come to us. We called the vet and he met us in Montgomery.

There are two puncture wounds, looks like an entry and an exit. We aren't really sure what the cause is. He was definitely in shock when we got there. Once they got an IV running with some fluids and pain medicine flowing he looked much better. His tongue and gums got color back and his blood was brighter which is great. (as you can see in the picture he must have been feeling better too, he was able to sit up and in typical Beasley fashion he had a big smile on his face) Dr. Golden said they were going to watch him and once he was more stable they would sedate him to do some x-rays and figure out what is going on. The only causes we can think of are a gunshot or a puncture of some sort. I can't imagine him being shot, we didn't hear anything but it looks the most likely cause, just doesn't add up. We'll know more tomorrow hopefully. Please say a prayer for him, bless his heart he was just getting over the other injury. I hope he doesn't have to stay there very long. Guess his lake time will be cut into once again.


Here are some more pictures from the previous lake trip, I'll have more for another post from our day there yesterday. (I don't know what I did when trying to copy and paste, now this is underlined and I'm not sure why! Oh well)

Drake, Christopher and Hunter being silly in the bathtub
Breakfast for the dogs is quite the chore with 8 of them around! Good thing there were plenty of willing hands to help feed them!

Christopher and Hunter went on an "adventure" as they called it
Drake and Sophie (cute hiney!!)
Sophie is learning how to join in on the plasma car phenomenon...and getting used
to the dogs too!
Life sure is tough!
Breakfast on the patio involves pancakes, picnic tables, babies and dogs!
Mollie loves her baby sister, her baby sister loves her too!
Anne Morgan relaxing on Aunt B's lap
It was a GREAT trip, we loved every second of it. So much fun to have that many people and dogs around. Watching the kids play together was so much fun, before you know it Anne Morgan will be able to play with them too. Sophie is going to teach her how to play with the boys and be girly too.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

still trying

I think I've decided I'm going to have to take an entire day and put my pictures on CD's. I still cannot get anything uploaded on here!! So hold on while I remove the 3000+ pictures, I'll be back (someday) with more to share. Hopefully I will still remember all of the ideas I've had the past couple of days. (I'd add a picture if I could!!)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


***I have NO IDEA what is taking blogger so long to upload pictures. I have been trying to do this post since 2 o'clock this afternoon (it's now 9 pm). I will post what I have and add more pictures to another post later. Sorry but I'm getting a little frustrated!

We have had a great time lately. Last week we had the best time at the lake with everyone. It was crazy in a really fun kind of way, it was such a blast! Anne Morgan and I could have stayed forever but Daddy missed us and was ready for us to come home. It was great to have so many willing hands to help. I got used to being able to hand her over after her morning feeding and then go back to sleep. We took over 300 pictures so it is really difficult to sort through all of them. I've decided instead of writing about everything and trying to get them in any sort of order that I'll just add a hodge podge of pictures. Who really cares anyways, right?! Enjoy, we sure did! (the last couple of pictures were actually before we went to the lake but I thought I'd add them as well)

Christopher, Sophie and Drake
Drake LOVES his little cousin!! So cute
Hunter was showing Anne Morgan how to play with the toys
Christopher and Hunter on an "adventure" as they called it
Anne Morgan and Sophie in their matching outfits
How cute is Drake?!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Growing Girl!

Yesterday Anne Morgan went to the pediatrician for her first visit. Result...she's a growing girl! At one month she is up to 9 lb. 5 oz., 22 1/2 inches long and her head is now 14 1/2 inches. That means she has grown 2 more inches in her length and her head has grown an inch too. Her weight and head are 50th percentile and her length is 90th percentile. These are the same % as when she was born so she is staying right on track.

She had to get two shots that seemed like they hurt so bad, bless her heart. It made me want to cry. The "click" of the Hep B vaccine as it was shot into her leg caught me off guard. I did NOT like it at all (neither did she).

Anne Morgan got her first flower delivery this week. Her daddy had some delivered to the house for her this week, how sweet!

Friday was a big day for me...I attempted our first walk with the stroller and dogs by myself! I've been hesitant to do this, we've gone a couple of times with Daddy in tow and it wasn't the most successful of events. The dogs were so stir crazy yesterday and I was sick of putting off walks so I decided to bite the bullet. We started by going around our cul-de-sac a couple of times. It was rough at first. Then it got a little better. I decided while we were at it we could try going further. Much to my surprise they did pretty well. The most frustrating thing was that they would get on either side of the stroller instead of just one side which would be easier. We'll work on it though. Unfortunately our walk was cut short as it started POURING on us! There was only one rain cloud in the sky and of course it was over us. All in all, it was a success.

I hope all of you are having a good weekend! We are looking forward to next week. We're going to the lake for several days. My sister and her kids and sister-in-law and her kids are going to be there so we will have lots of cousin time. I can't wait! The dogs are looking forward to it too.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today Trey and I are celebrating TWO YEARS of marriage! It's hard to believe that two years have already gone by. It was a great day, extremely hot, but a great day! I know, you are saying it's August, of course it was hot. Yes, of course it was hot. But if you can remember the summer of 2007 was extremely hot. In fact, August 11, 2007 was the hottest day of the DECADE!!! Fortunately we had everything inside. We took just a couple of pictures outside and then ran back inside to the A/C.

I love you Trey and I look forward to many, many more years together.

**Notice the guy and girl (bridesmaid) on the right side of the picture? Well, they are now engaged!! Yippee!! I am so excited for Kate and Chase, they are so great for each other!

Our first picture together in paradise :)
The best restaurant ever...Le Petit Cafe

Monday, August 10, 2009

One Month!

I cannot believe Anne Morgan is one month old today!! What a great month it has been. She is such a good baby. She's happy, healthy and adorable! She sleeps really well too. We have only had a couple of "bad" nights. She holds her head up amazingly well and has for weeks. She scoots around on her activity mat already and rolls pretty well too! It is so hard to believe that a month ago today we were at the hospital waiting to meet this sweet angel.

We go to the pediatrician on Friday for her first check-up. I cannot wait to see how much she has grown!

Anne Morgan has done quite a lot in her one month of life. She has been to two lake houses, the beach, Pike Road, both of her parents offices, "Aunt Kate's" house and she has had her tour of all of the "musts" around Auburn. This past weekend she even went to her first Auburn football practice...a proud moment for her daddy. When we were in college Trey and I went just about daily. The practices are not open to the public anymore but we were able to catch a peek while they were on the practice field Saturday afternoon.

On a different note, without saying too much, please keep the Gilbreath family in your prayers. They are going to need prayer to get through this. They are going through an extremely difficult time right now. I can't even begin to imagine losing my child, not to mention both twins.