Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We had so much fun Wednesday night for Halloween. Grammie came over to spend the night so that she could keep William at home while we took AM and Jason trick-or-treating with some friends. This was the first time we have attempted trick-or-treating. We have always gone downtown where they have music for the kids to dance to and the stores hand out candy. We never did the waiting in line thing for the candy, for one thing the kids were too small to get the candy and the lines were ridiculously long. It's a zoo, but it's fun for the kids to run around. This year AM has been talking about actually trick-or-treating (I guess she knows about it from school and tv) so we were excited when our friends invited us to go with them. I still figured that it would be more frustrating than fun since AM gets shy and doesn't always do well going up to new people. 

Boy was I wrong! She had so much fun and so did we! These little girls love each other so much; I can't wait until we move into our new house and we will all be neighbors. They each have a little brother who will be in the same grade too but they aren't really to the age where they play with others much yet. It will be fun to watch those relationships develop!

AM has been telling us that she wanted Jason to be a pirate for Halloween. That was the plan until we had a cold snap and I was afraid he would freeze so we pulled out the tiger costume that she wore a couple of years ago and I think he made quite a cute little tiger cub!

Anne Morgan (Belle), Allie (Minnie Mouse) and Emma (Dorothy)

Group hug!!

Attempting a group shot (minus Jake/Mickey Mouse)
The wagon was supposed to be for the little boys but the girls quickly claimed it. 

They were so excited!!

Sweet friends

Trick-or-treating pros by this point!

They didn't want the night to end and are already talking about next year. I have to say I am looking forward to it too, that was so much fun!


Ames said...

Such sweet little friends! I am looking forward to trick or treating again next year... Ev was way too young but I had a blast! lol! Love AM's and Jason's costumes!

Caroline Armstrong said...

Such adorable kiddos and costumes! Looks like they really had the hang of trick or treating!!!!! cant wait to see more baby pics of W!

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